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Karma, Newton’s Third Law & Forgiveness

Newtonian physics ‘formalised’ contemporary science’s grasping of the principle of conservation which reigns across the universe. This Newton expounded in his ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’ postulate which shows us how the physical universe works.

Enter the dictum ‘as above, so below’. –
The concept of Karma follows similar laws, but now applying to the non-physical universe that deals with emotions, thoughts and spirit, or what would be termed time/space. Within this context, it can then be seen that karmas are those tendencies and ways arising from a volitional action to offer an opportunity for volitional balancing of those thoughts and emotions that gave rise to apparent Karma.

So it follows that our friends of Ra tell us that “forgiveness is the eradicator of karma”, for Karma is the product of Volitional Action and forgiveness being conscious volitional itself.

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The Creation & Us

From my journey and seeking, here is my summary of our existence.

There was, is and always will be, infinity, without boundaries or polarities, within this infinity there was the “potential” for awareness (which can be characterized by freedom of will) and awareness arose, within this awareness, arose the potential for finity and finity arose, and thus the sequence follows – finity bringing forth ‘manyness’, onwards and onwards ad-infinitum.

Within this infinite manyness, arose the ‘prime mover’ Love(Logos), that which has been called God by our peoples. This Love can be characterised by its focusing of intelligent infinity to give rise to ‘intelligent energy’, this energy being characterised by a distortion (i.e. movement from original state) or frequency, this frequency, we call Light, the foundation of the manifested creation or in other terms ‘densities of illusion’.

This vibration, Light (along with its concomitants – space/time & time/space), can then be seen to be a projection of the Logos/Love, being its free will distortions which we (all sentient beings), being a part of, experience as life and the creation/existence…. and follows that our moment to moment choices, being us, as ‘sub-sub-sub-sub…..logoi are, our free will distortions as a part of the greater whole.

And just as in the physical universe, from any point of observation, all directions are the same (cosmological isotropy), it follows that our religions tell us that the ‘Kingdom of God’ is within us. For everything manifest, is a projection from portions of that original ‘concept’.

Thus, you see in life, that choices which emulate the concept or appreciation of unity/Love, tend to be more wholesome and yield wholesome results for all concerned. Thus, non-harmful behaviour is termed as good and so on.


INDISTRACTABLE by Nir Eyal: Book Review

The book “INDISTRACTABLE? How to control your attention and choose your life” by Nir Eyal is a book the author has written to help the reader who has identified a weakness in themselves with regards the ability to remain focused and live in line with ones values and aspirations. The book aims at helping the reader identify how and why they get distracted? Then gives the tools on how to overcome the patterns of distraction.

The definition of dis-TRACTION as an action that moves you away from your life values and goals really hit me hard, and helped me see exactly how in my habits, I waste so much time and energy that would be put into the things that I already know I need to do to meet my aspirations. This along with the challenge, “How to be honest and reliable with/to yourself. When you say you are going to do something or spend time on something, how often do you keep your word?”, makes the reader realize that indeed we habitually break the promises we make to ourselves, and this challenged me because honesty and integrity are core values in my life.

Personally, one of the tools that I use to overcome my low span of attention is the “10 minute pause”, where when I notice that I get the urge to move away from a task at hand, I observe myself – bodily feelings (which is what he has identified as key factor in our “actions”/”dis-TRACTIONS”). Here, identifying the discomfort that preceded the distraction e.g. feeling anxious, having a craving, feeling restless etc. I then allow myself to “surf the urge” consciously until the feeling subsides. For me, restlessness is a major issue and cause for dis-TRACTION, which now I can see. This technique is slowly but surely bringing positive change to my habits and routine.

All in all, I can say that the book does very well in terms of overall aim of identifying the causes of dis-TRACTION and giving the reader the tools to becoming INDISTRACTABLE. If you are like me, struggling with maintaining focus, then I highly recommend this book.

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Advice to the seeker

We in finity attempting to use finite thinking and perspectives to ascribe a finite definition and scope to that which is and resides in infinity.
This is the quandary that belies those who attempt to talk about the source of Creation.
It is not to be surmounted by mental understanding but one begins to see that it can only be surrendered to and dissolved into.
Thus any who has the calling in the heart to seek to know, is first faced with the task of dissolution of the identity-self through self-inquiry. This is done in meditation.

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Vision/Perception & Destiny

Is VISION or should I say perspective your most important “tool” in this life?

For how you see the world (the self, included) determines how you conduct life. Yes?

Can we see how, VISION determines KNOWING, which determines ACTION, which in turn determines DESTINY?

Wouldn’t we agree then, that the right vision is both broad and deep? Not, narrow.

And how would we go about growing this vision? By “feeding” it, I would suggest.

Then wouldn’t it follow that, what you decide to feed your vision determines the content, breadth and depth of your vision – ipso facto, your destiny.

Let us ask ourselves therefore, what is our destiny?